Healthiest Exercises for Kids to Get Involved


What are all the healthiest exercises for kids to get involved in?

Exercise is vital to keep you mentally and physically fit. Exercises make you strong and mentally satisfied. This is a very crucial factor that can help you in reducing your stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Many people know the significance of exercise in their daily routine, that’s why they join different gyms and fitness centers. Moreover, exercise like yoga helps in weight management.

Similarly, kids also need to exercise to remain strong and healthy. These exercises can help them both in their academics and personal life as well. Doing regular exercise can improve kids’ focus and they can perform well in all phases of life. Exercise should not be the only workout. It should be entertainment and play for kids.

Furthermore, some schools have made it a habit to involve kids in exercises. They call students 45 to 60 minutes before school timings and ask them to play their desired games. It has been noticed that these activities can make students sharp and they learn how to behave well in games as well as socially.  This can help kids to remain focused, enjoyed, relaxed, and mentally satisfied.

What Kids Can Gain from Exercises?

Exercise impacts kids’ health and mental fitness and satisfaction. Kids can learn self-control, discipline, and ensure active and healthy coordination and strength. Each kid has different interests in exercise and they feel satisfied and joy when they do a certain exercise. They can develop their skills by doing different exercises and can learn patience and time management. Kids can also do exercise in their own homes. They can use their bedrooms and living room to exercise. For instance, even throwing a softball is an exercise. They can play hide and seek, racing, cycle, walk, and punch box to involve in exercise.

On the other hand, kids can develop their core values, strengths, flexibility, body positioning, and much more. They are involved in exercise even when they laugh, enjoy, and are playing.

Which Exercise Is the Healthiest for Kids to Get Involved?

Certain exercises can keep kids healthy and physically fit. It only depends on their comfortability and compatibility. Each exercise has its impact on the body and mind. When talking about yoga for kids, it has numerous benefits on kids’ mental and physical health. And the best part is that kids don’t need any prior knowledge or practice to do yoga. There are different poses and techniques which involve yoga and have several benefits. These poses and techniques we will discuss further below the article.

Cadaver Pose

This is the easiest pose and you can start from this simple and easy pose to prepare your kid. This is Shavasana in yoga which involves simply laying down on the ground straight. It can help to relax mentally and physically. Kids can start simply doing this exercise which is effective and relaxing. In this exercise, kids simply lie on the ground with their arms and legs straight and breathe normally. During breathing, simply intake your breath and release it slowly which de-stress your body and mind. This yoga technique will keep your kid calm, and relaxed and improve his/her focus.

Easy Sitting Pose

If you are involving your kid in yoga, then this is another simple but effective exercise for your kids. This is Sukhasana in Yoga. In this technique, they simply pose by sitting up straight and with their legs crossed. Kids can sit while keeping their back straight, with their head, neck, and backbone aligned. Then cross your legs and bring your knees towards the ground side. You can align your hands in two ways either on your knees or keep both hands together at the center of your heart. This yoga technique can improve body posture and focus, provide relaxation, and also promotes flexibility.

Tree Pose

Tress pose yoga is one of the best and most favorite yoga techniques among youngsters and kids. This is easy and teaches youngsters about the beauty of nature. In this technique, you stand straight and keep your hands on the side. Now make a balance and shift all of your body weight on one foot and lift the other foot with your knee out. Once you make yourself balanced, put your foot on your knee or thigh or ankle and put your hands above your head together. You can repeat this technique on your second leg after the interval of every 30 sec to 1 minute. This will keep you relaxed, mentally and physically strong, improve posture, and strengthen your muscles and self-balance. This is Vrikshasana in yoga.

Cat Pose

You must have to consider the cat pose technique when you are considering cat pose yoga for your children. It is also the most favorite and hot adopted yoga technique among children as they pose just like a cat in this technique. In this yoga technique, just bend in a tabletop position, and use your hands and feet. Now keep your knees aligned under your hips and curl your toes. Keep your elbows, hands, and wrists straight. Also, keep your head in a neutral position and down towards the floor.

Similarly, slowly release your breath, arch your backbone up and release your head towards the ground. Don’t press your chin towards your chest. This technique will help you to improve your posture, strengthen your tummy muscles and increase the circulation of spinal fluid. 

Chair Pose

This is an effective and result-driven yoga technique. You can avail of unbelievable benefits of using the chair pose yoga technique. In this technique, children are asked to take a deep breath and raise their arms above the head. Now release breathe and bend your knees forward while keeping your thighs straight and parallel to the ground. Now stretch your arms straight and keep your tail bone down and straight-up your back long. This will make your pose like a chair. You are advised to breathe slowly during the whole process.

Furthermore, these are some of the common and favorite yoga styles among children which keep them healthy and active.

Bottom Line

Exercise especially yoga can help you to release your stress and anxiety and keep you active, fresh, and healthy. Doing yoga has other numerous benefits like improvement in posture, better focus, strength, flexibility, and social interaction. You can search Meridian Fitness, and involve your kids in yoga classes which can keep them motivated and satisfied.