Dry Eye Treatment | All You Need to Know About


Most of us often face some difficulties regarding our eyes in different stages of our life. Eye problems can be different; each problem has its own distinct cause. Among many other eye problems, dry eye is a major one. Hence, dry eye treatment is important for the health of your eyes.

Dry eyes can cause serious problems so it’s mandatory to take the necessary steps for treating dry eye-related symptoms. There is a varied range of dry eye treatments available but before that let’s have a look at the definition and signs of dry eyes.

Definition of Dry Eyes

Dry eyes syndrome is a special type of eye disease caused due to chronic inadequacy of lubrication of the eye. To keep your eyes healthy, it’s significant to have an ample coating of tears on the surface of your eyes. Therefore, get dry eye treatment as soon as you can.

Tears help to rinse the surface of your eyes which can help to wipe away the dust, debris, microorganisms. If all these remain in the eyes, it can cause serious eye infections and damage to the cornea. A normal tear film contains three major components.

  • Oily or lipid element.
  • A watery or aqueous element.
  • Mucin is an element that is nothing but a mucus-like element.
Dry Eye Treatment
Dry Eye Treatment

Symptoms of Dry Eyes

The symptoms of dry eyes can be different that is following.

  • Itching and rashes in the eyes.
  • Burning or hurting sensation.
  • Feelings of plumpness in the eyes.
  • Deep sore and exhaustion in the eyes.
  • Redness in the eyes and homophobia or light sensitivity.
  • Dryness.
  • Blurry vision.
  • Mucus secretion around the eyes.
  • Feeling something always extra in your eyes or a foreign body sensation.
  • Irritation and pain in the eyes.
  • Excessive watery eyes.

Dry Eyes Treatment

Dry eyes are a persistent and initially advanced ailment that depends on many factors you need to cure completely. But in some cases, you cannot cure the disease completely; you can only decrease the symptoms. Thus, resulting in enormous relief. There is nothing to get apprehensive about because you can get plenty of dry eye treatment for alleviating your symptoms.


The primary and foremost dry eye treatment that is utilized to treat mild to moderate dry eyes symptoms is eye drops. Some mild to moderate dry eyes symptoms can occur due to various reasons like excessive computer work, reading books, and thyroid-related problems. You can easily treat these symptoms with effective eye drops.

Go to your nearest clinic and take consultation of a renowned ophthalmologist and use any beneficial eye drop as per the doctor’s guidance. There is an ample range of artificial teardrop and eye drops are available in the market. You can select any of them as per the doctor’s consultation.


Another dry eye treatment is none other than medications. In some cases, several inflammations can make oil glands release oil into your tears. In such cases, antibiotics can relieve your symptoms and help to reduce inflammation. You can take these types of medications by mouth or apply them as an eye drop or ointment.

Apart from antibiotics, there are drugs, cholinergic that are especially known for artificial tear production. You can find these drugs are mainly in the market as pills, ointments, and eye drops.

Eye Inserts

If you are experiencing moderate to severe drug eye symptoms, then artificial tear drop may not be appropriate for you. You need to take the help of an eye insert for your dry eye treatment. Eye inserts are like a grain of rice. You just need to set a hydroxypropyl cellulose insert between your eyeball and lower eyelid. After placing it successfully, the insert liquefies slowly and circulates a liquid that helps to lubricate your eyes.

Contact Lens

Another magical option for a dry eye treatment is a contact lens. There are multiple contact lenses available for reducing dry eye symptoms. These contact lenses are known as scleral lenses or bandage lenses. You should take the consultation of an ophthalmologist for reviewing which contact lens is appropriate for your problem.

Bottom Line

Therefore, if you are also facing any dry eye symptoms, consult a doctor, evaluate all the problems, and choose the right and relevant dry eye treatment for you.